Memisoglu Kurun Law Firm, focused mainly on shipping industry, was founded in Istanbul Turkey to provide high quality, energetic, consistent and cost-effective legal service to market.

With two founding partners, Cavit Memisoglu and Nuri Koray Kurun, who have seafaring backgrounds, the firm is able to blend legal knowledge together with technical expertise. Huriye Soyturk and Adalet Seden Hocaoglu are the partners of the firm, as well, with their experience of more than nine years in legal field.

Team members of the firm are experienced in contentious and non-contentious matters arising out of commercial disputes, transportation, shipping and maritime insurance; included but not limited to ship arrest procedures, marine casualty and response, personal injury, litigation procedures related to employment and labour law, advising on a wide range of shipping contracts including but not limited to contracts related to chartering, management, building and repair of commercial ships and private yachts and sale & purchase transactions of commercial ships and private yachts. The firm offers 24-hours emergency response all around Turkey, as well.

Memisoglu Kurun Law Firm provides global legal assistance with its partners especially in Ukraine, Russia, Malta and Romania.



Shipping & Transport

With the experience gained through eight years in the field, shipping and transport is the main practice area of our firm. Our lawyers have significant experience in many aspects of maritime business. We provide legal service to the P&I Clubs, H&M Underwriters, ship and yacht owners, agencies, cargo owners and suppliers for more than eight years.

Our lawyers have experience in many aspects of maritime business including ship arrest procedures, exercising maritime liens, casualties and salvage, personal injury and death claims, cargo claims, bill of lading and charter party disputes, environmental disputes and pollution, commercial ship and private yacht sale & purchase, registration/deregistration of commercial ship and private yacht and/or mortgages.

Apropos of ship arrest, the firm can act in each port of Turkey on behalf of P&I Clubs, shipowners, charterers, financial institutions and bunker suppliers. Our aim is to act in the shortest period in order to obtain security for the claims of our Clients. By virtue of the international network, the firm is capable of assisting the Clients in foreign waters as well.

Regarding casualty and salvage our team is experienced in advising the Clients on disputes arising from collisions, groundings, fires, total losses, pollution, salvage and general average. Immediate response to urgent casualty matters is the key to our high-quality service.

With regard to personal injury and death claims our firm has been acting both on behalf of the vessel interests and employees. What we do is manage the negotiation process in a way to reach a beneficial settlement and finalise the cases in a time-efficient manner.

Our team members are experienced in advising and representing clients in various national and international Sale and Purchase transactions related to commercial ships and private yachts. Registration/deregistration of commercial ships and private yachts and/or mortgages is another field of activity of the firm.

Assistance given to our clients is enriched by the practical knowledge of two of our partners who are master mariners as well.


General Contract Law

The members of the firm are experienced in reviewing and drafting many types of contracts including but not limited to agency agreements, supply contracts, settlement and release protocols, research & development agreements, contracts related to chartering, management, building and repair of commercial ships and private yachts and contracts related to transfer of rights.


Personal Data Protection Law

Our firm advise its clients in the scope of Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We provide KVKK and GDPR compliance services, KVKK and GDPR educational trainings, consultancy on drafting personal data inventory, internal rules, policy, procedures, Binding Corporate Rules (BCR).


Administrative Law

Our team is experienced in advising the clients, consisting of individuals and bodies objecting local authority decisions, regarding the matters arising out of actions taken by tax offices, municipalities and ministries. In addition to assisting our clients in contentious matters, we provide legal service in preparation and negotiation of public tenders and obtaining governmental permits and approvals, as well.


Insurance & Reinsurance

We advise our clients in many forms of marine insurance products including cargo, casualty, liability of insured parties, hull and machinery, protection and indemnity, insurance and reinsurance policy disputes.



Our lawyers are experienced in providing contentious and transactional advice on all aspects of international trade, including production, financing, trading, storage, transportation, insurance and end use. We also assist our clients with regard to freight agreements, regulatory issues and sanctions and environmental issues.


Execution, Insolvency & Corporate Restructuring

Insolvency, bankruptcy and corporate recovery are the areas where the firm assists their clients. Lawyers of our firm are experienced in drafting debt restructuring agreements and negotiating on credit documentations.


Employment & Marine Labour

We assist our clients in all kinds of disputes arising from employment relations especially job security and indemnification claims. We provide consultancy services to our clients for a variety of labour law matters including but not limited to drafting employment contracts, internal regulations, compliance with the Labour Law and relevant regulations, non-competition contract, termination of employment contracts. Our firm provides services regarding work permit procedures of foreign employees as well.


Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolutions

The firm is experienced in handling litigation cases before Turkish commercial, criminal and administrative courts. The firm is experienced in handling disciplinary and investigatory proceedings before Turkish authorities. Team members of the firm are also experienced in representing the clients before Turkish and foreign arbitration bodies. Recognition and enforcement of foreign court/arbitration awards is another area where the firm is experienced.


Cavit Memisoglu


Nuri Koray Kurun


Huriye Soyturk


Adalet Seden Hocaoglu



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